A new beginning (Part 2)

From there I went on a very wide and circuitous path ever deeper into complex software systems, big data etc etc which ultimately led me into the intelligence space where I have been lurking until recently.  Now, with the rise of consumer 3D printers, 3D television and the Oculus Rift I have the opportunity to return at last to my passion, which leads me to this blog.

My goal is to share my thoughts and dreams about how the lines are being ever more blurred between the virtual and physical worlds as well as my personal adventures in this arena.  Welcome and enjoy 🙂

A new beginning

Welcome to my musings on all things virtual, physical and all gradations in between.  I started this journey long ago at the BBC where I pioneered real-time virtual set technology for BBC News (as well as creating all the 3D graphics and “over the shoulder” branded imagery for both BBC News and BBC World Service News, but that’s another story).

This is an image from the first ever BBC News broadcast to use the “glassy” globe and coat of arms I created in 1993.

If you would like to see the full virtual set in all its glory watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8kGSBN7cu from 30 seconds on.  Everything is virtual except the announcer who is being blue screened in using an ADO (old world way of placing real-time video into a 2D texture in a 3D environment).

I also had the a great and fun experience working with Peter Snow and Mike Afford writing all the software for his then famous 3D graphics presentations for the 1992 US election

Sadly I seem to have been written out of history on this, but here is a complete article on my work.


One frame of the real time 3d graphics I wrote on an SGI for the 1992 US Election